Tuesday, 19 July 2011


that u know..?
u r my breadwinner..
4 me get a success..
with xcellent in my life..
u als0 like my fwen..
u never feel b0red..
2 be always in my side..
when i'm sad als0 happy..
mhile i'm was in tr0uble..
u give me an strength..
and u make me relise..
ab0ut life...

ur sacrificati0n..
it will be always in my mind..
thanks c0z b0rn me..
also take care 0f me..
with full 0f love..
since i'm was baby..
with0ut u..
my life is n0t c0mplete...

c0z m0m..
u like m00n 4 me..
always give me an shine..
while i'm in d dark..
when i'm was al0ne..
u will always acc0mpany me...

u will always in my heart..
in this special day..
i wantu know..
that i'm very l0ve u..
and i want 2 thanks fr0m u..
a th0usand 0f thank..
4 everything u've d0ne..
thanks a once...

dedicati0n 2 my m0m...!..

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